Are you looking to get a country club venue for your wedding?

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. On this special day, you share one of your most intimate experiences with all your friends and loved ones. Because of this, you want to ensure you get everything right for your wedding day.

One crucial factor to consider is the venue. Not only do you want to get great shots, but you want to ensure it goes with your theme. This includes the colors, vibe, and entertainment of choice.

Looking for the perfect country club venue to host your wedding day? We got you covered. This article covers some great club venue options.

When Should You Choose a Country Club Venue?

A common misconception for country clubs is that you need to be an exclusive member. Though some club venues do require a membership, not all do!

Many people also think that country clubs are only for the snobby and rich. However, Country Clubs are a great venue for classic-themed weddings.

They offer beautiful locations for panoramic wedding photos. They also come with a variety of accommodations, depending on your needs. Many club venues offer all-inclusive packages to help you plan your wedding with ease.

Before choosing a wedding venue, consider the requirements needed to book a date.

The only other thing you need to worry about when choosing a venue is to fit your theme. Are you going for a classic and traditional wedding vibe? Do you prefer something unique with a magician or comedic entertainment?

It would also help to talk to your entertainment provider before booking a venue. They may have some items required to set up that the club venue may not have.

Not hiring a private entertainment provider or the venue doesn’t permit vendors? Don’t worry! Many country clubs offer packages with in-house bartenders, florists, and even DJs.

Where to Book a Country Club Wedding

If you’re looking for an all-in-one package, country clubs are a great option. You can take advantage of the venue’s natural beauty with its manicured lawns and gardens. It’s also a convenient option if you don’t want to go to different locations on a single day.

The best thing about Atlanta weddings is that they offer the best entertainment. These are some of the best country club venues in Atlanta.

Piedmont Driving Club

Have you always wanted a royal-themed wedding with fancy ballgowns? Piedmont Driving Club is a great place to host your wedding. Piedmont Driving Club is also a great location if you plan on having a Southern wedding.

The centerpiece of Piedmont Driving Club’s golf course is a wide and beautiful lake. You’ll find diverse landscapes surrounding the area – perfect for an outdoor wedding. It’s a short drive away from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, where you can host a beautiful ceremony.

If you’ve always wanted a ballgown wedding, Piedmont offers a wide ballroom. All your guests can enjoy the wide space and spend the entire night on the dance floor.

Piedmont is perfect if you’re looking to hire a live band. Complete your theme with a string quartet and live piano.

The Peachtree Club

Looking for an outdoor event at skyline level? The Peachtree Club is the place to go! The Peachtree Club offers six private dining rooms in their very own Skyline Terrace.

This club also offers a hefty package for its clients. If you’re planning to hire a DJ for your event, the staff will prepare a linen skirted table. You also get service staff in tuxedos, traditional buffets, and a complimentary cake.

If you have 160 guests or fewer, you can take advantage of the outdoor ceremony area. There are plenty of churches within short driving distance. You may also find fine hotels for guests that are within walking distance.

Since you’re having a skyline wedding, why not make the night more magical with a magician. Turn the night into something more with Atlanta’s best event magicians.

Atlanta Athletic Club

The Atlanta Athletic Club offers various on-property locations to host your wedding. If you’re hoping for an elegant wedding, check out the St. Andrew Ballroom. This is a great option if you’re looking to hire a live band with string and air musicians.

The St. Andrew Ballroom comes with built-in staging and a parquet dance floor. You nor your entertainment host also don’t have to worry about audio and visual equipment.

If you’re looking for an outdoor view with a band and dancefloor, try the 1898 house. This house measures over 3,000 square feet with added lawn space. This is a great place to enjoy a buffet.

For smaller weddings with a limited guest list, consider the Merion. It’s worth taking note that the Merion only has an 88 guest capacity. Alone with its cozy setting is access to a covered veranda and a vaulted ceiling.

Roswell Mill Club

Roswell Mill Club is the perfect venue if you’re looking for something lowkey but sophisticated. Roswell is also a great location for couples looking to enjoy a rustic wedding.

This venue provides all the necessary ceremony decor, so you don’t have to deal with them. This includes towers, assorted arches, and even columns.

If you’re looking for a classic romantic night, Roswell Mill Club is the place to go. You can hold your reception in their covered deck, which overlooks Vickery Creek. Your guests are sure to have a great time with leather sofas and outdoor seatings.

If you’re planning to go to Roswell, consider hiring a solo singer. Complete the wedding with a live pianist and set yourself up for a magical night.

Choosing a Wedding Club Venue

Atlanta is home to some of the best club venues and entertainment companies. If you’re looking for the perfect club venue, ensure that it matches your overall theme.

Looking for a live band to host the soundtrack of your wedding? What about a comedian or magician to bring more life to your wedding day? Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the best bands, DJs, and more!