The first step while planning a creative wedding is to choose the invitation cards and other printed matters.

Today when we think about invitation cards, things that come to our mind are rich colours, attractive monograms and shimmering papers available in all range of prices. Clearly, if you have some serious shopping on card, this guide will surely help you to find the best invitation options in your range.


The Cost

According to a leading wedding industry survey site, the average cost of 100 invitations and response cards is $200. Additionally you need to spend $114 for save-the-dates, $114 for menu cards, $108 for programs, $92 for thank-you cards and $77 for place cards taking the average grand total to $695 excluding postage.

Yet the total average cost of invitation can go up to as much as $3,000 for 100-150 engraved cards, depending on the budget you’ve allotted for this segment of your wedding.


The Paper

The overall effect of your invitation is largely decided by the paper you choose.

For a rich and elegant feel, the stock has to be heavy which is obviously more expensive than the others. Many people prefer to go for these upscale papers, knowing that this would cost them quite a few bucks more. They often apply cost cutting in other segments of their wedding budget but not for the invitations.

The most luxurious paper is the 100% cotton paper but at the same time it is also the most expensive one to dig a big hole in your pocket.

Alternatively, linen stocks can make a good choice for its woven and textured surface and these are quite cheaper than some of the thicker, non-textured stocks.


Which One to Choose? Matte or shiny? 

Shiny or metallic paper costs almost double the price of matte papers. You may choose the one that suits your budget. If you are planning a rustic wedding, Kraft card stock and brown recycled paper will be the ideal picks which costs 15 cents per 8.5” by 11” sheet compared to 60 cents per cotton sheet.

All natural papers such as bamboo, handmade paper and imported papers from Nepal and Japan are also very expensive and should be avoided for invitation.


Printing Technique and the Cost


The printing technique that you choose for your invitation is the actual factor in deciding the cost of invitation. Some techniques involve multiple steps that would increase the printing cost.

Here are some printing methods that are in order of highest to least expensive:

  1. One of the most expensive printing techniques is the engraved technique that creates impressions in the paper in a distinct way. The lettering is raised in engraved invitations. Then the Thermography technique is applied that uses heat and special inks to see the raised print.


  1. Another expensive technique is the letterpress technique where the letters are pressed down into the paper.


  1. Offset or flat printing is another technique that costs almost half the price of Thermography and the digital offset printing is the least expensive among all. It produces crisp and colourful prints without creating a plate which is easier to print a limited number of quick, colorful and stylish wedding invitations.


Once you have selected the invitation for your dream wedding, now it’s time to book your wedding entertainment. To get the best quote for a wedding music band or a DJ, contact our consultant at the Blue Sky Atlanta.