Are you planning your upcoming wedding? Do you want to keep wedding guests entertained and prolong the party?

Often guests exit once the cake is cut or if the music is too loud or boring. They may be sitting alone and not interacting with other guests, so they decide to leave.

Do you need ideas to keep guests entertained? You’ve found the right article. Keep reading to learns some top tips and tricks for planning your reception.

How to Keep Wedding Guests Entertained

Many brides use event planning companies to help keep guests entertained. They have experience with different types of events and connections to local entertainers. The following describes activities to help in your search for ideas.

Harpists and String Quartets

String quartets and harpists give wedding ceremonies and receptions a warm, intimate feel. Their broad classical repertoire creates a classy, relaxing atmosphere.

Guests can easily mingle and carry-on conversations. These musicians need little space and add to the décor of your reception. They’re appropriate for indoor or outdoor venues. You’ll often find they’re an affordable choice.

Professional DJ’s

Is your dream reception a huge celebration party? If so, you may want a professional disc jockey. DJs know how to keep the party going.

They bring their equipment and manage the party. All you have to do is enjoy your reception.

They’re experts at watching the mood of the room so that guests stay involved. DJs have a large selection of music at hand. This allows them to rapidly adjust and adapt based on the guest’s response.

When scheduling the DJ, provide a list of songs you want them to play. This helps them understand the genre that you and your guests enjoy.

They’re also able to take requests. This lets you or your guests to add songs on the spot.

Live Bands

Hiring a live band creates an atmosphere of attending a private concert. This adds energy and excitement to your reception. It also gets people on the dance floor and enjoying the party.

Remember, live musicians need breaks. Often, they bring sound systems to continue playing music during breaks. You can ask them to include songs that aren’t in their playlist during these times.

This also creates time for other wedding activities. For example, toasts, cake cutting, and throwing the garter and bouquet.


Are you having a bar at your reception? Hiring a mixologist takes a routine bar to the next level. They’re experts at conjuring up amazing custom drinks.

You can also have them create a special cocktail for your wedding. Often, they will give the bride and groom the recipe. This lets you recreate the special moment for the rest of your life.

Special Cuisine

Have you thought about a food bar with favorite foods and cultural cuisine? You may want to hire a food truck to cater your wedding. Or hire a chef to prepare amazing food.

Provide Crafts

Crafts can be an amazing way to involve guests of all ages. You may choose to set up a craft or put them on the tables. This gives your guests a parting gift to remind them of your wedding.

Invite an Animal

This may sound like the craziest idea ever. But who can resist an adorable animal? It will surprise your guests and make your event memorable.

There are businesses that provide ponies, llamas, alpacas, and other animals for events. They can roam through the party or set up a petting area.

Magical Excursions

Depending on your location, you might choose to hire specialty transportation. Guests could take rides in classic cars, horse-drawn carriages, or boats. If you’re taking a more country theme, you could have a hayride.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a timeless source of fun and memories. Renting one for your reception adds another fun activity for your guests. It may even be the start of another couple’s romance.

Wedding Flash Mob

There are many videos on social media showing choreographed flash mobs at weddings. They may feature the bride and groom, the wedding party, or guests. Consider planning a choreographed performance to get the dance party started.

Plan a Parade

Have you ever considered having a parade from the wedding to the reception? Provide decorations for guests to place on their cars or wave out the window. Give each guest a music playlist to add music to your parade.

Be sure to speak with the local authorities to ensure that you’re following all the laws.

Provide Games

If your guests enjoy playing games, consider putting different games on the tables. You can also rent an arcade or classic games. The top three most popular classic arcade games are Galaga, PackMan, and Donkey Kong.

You may also plan some group game activities. The DJ can lead the games so you can focus on the fun. This can definitely keep your guests entertained and celebrating with you.

Outdoor Games

For outdoor receptions, lawn games provide fun activities. Consider a giant chess set, croquet, or a frisbee course. If you’re including children on your guest list, having a bouncy house or inflatable slides is great. Keeping the children entertained allows the parents to relax and enjoy the party.

Plan a Big Finish

Let your guests know that you have a big event planned at the end of the reception. This will encourage them to stay.

Then dazzle them with a firework show in a safe area. Give each guest a sparkler to create a fairytale departure.

Do you want to feel like a princess leaving with her prince? How about a night sky lit with floating lanterns? Think of the beautiful pictures you’ll have to remember that moment.

Are You Excited to Plan Your Wedding Reception?

Now you have a number of ideas to keep wedding guests entertained at your wedding. Decrease your stress by speaking with a professional event planning company. They have the expertise and connections to create your dream.

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