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Tribute Bands

Sons of Sailors

Sons of Sailors


Sons Of Sailors, a Jimmy Buffett Cover / Tribute Band, has been playing Buffett's saltwater country music for over 40 years. Yes, they've been together since 1980 and their ease of performing shows the maturity that comes with age.

Denim Arcade

Do you remember the days when MTV still played music videos? Atlanta’s raddest 80s party band DENIM ARCADE takes you back to where it all began! What artists do you remember seeing on MTV in the 80s? Chances are that Denim Arcade has covered a song by that artist. This band has been helping children of the 80s relive their childhood since 2010. With band members bringing a wealth of past interactive theatrical experience and showmanship into the band, the band is highly shtick-driven, escapist, audience-engaging, and all about having a great time with you at your event.

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