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Out of our Celebrity Talent file comes world-class Reggae man, Reggae Monty Montgomery, criss-crossing the globe making fans throughout the world at every stop each week.

Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment is proud to represent this very talented soft-spoken gentleman who is the consummate internationals professional performer. He was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica. This talented and charismatic singer started to write and create music in his early years, while studying in London, UK. On the weekends he met with fellow Jamaican musicians.

Complete with his 6-piece band, including a wonderful female vocalist, rock steady drummer and a thumping bassist, Monty and his great band create the perfect walk through the reggae world with favorites from not only the master Bob Marley’s collection of great tunes but some of Monty’s own efforts with his pen. Monty knew and worked with Marley back in the day and still considers him to be agreat influence on his life and work.

Most audiences in America still want to hear “I Shot The Sheriff” and and other great reggae favorites and Monty’s band willingly gives them what they want to hear. Monty’s live shows are engaging and energetic and he always leaves his audiences feeling positive and happily skanking, begging for more,”Zugabe.”.

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