Not all special occasions are created equal. A birthday party has different requirements from a retirement dinner, and what’s right for a fundraiser might not be right for a wedding.

Where can you find the perfect entertainment for your party, no matter what the occasion or theme? Look no further because we have got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a rocking cover band, a tasteful bluegrass band, or a DJ who knows how to blend into their surroundings while keeping the party moving, we can help you find it. Read this guide to learn how to book the entertainers of your dreams and to see the truly dazzling array of options we have to choose from.

Booking Your Entertainment for Special Occasions: A Step-By-Step Guide

Let’s start at the beginning of the entertainment booking process. It can be quite overwhelming. That is why we have broken it down for you, step by step.

As you read on, you will find yourself prepared to plan the entertainment for your party, even starting from scratch. All you need is a little creativity and willingness, and you can create an event that is unforgettable.

See for yourself.

1. Match the Entertainer to the Event

Start with the most basic questions.

What are you celebrating? Is it a person or an organization? Are you celebrating a holiday, a personal life milestone, or are your guests gathered for a more purpose-driven reason?

The answers you come up with can guide you in choosing the right entertainer. Look into other parties with similar purposes to yours, and see what entertainment they chose. If you can narrow down a genre or type of entertainer, you are starting off on the right foot.

2. Think About What Your Guests Will Like

This is easy to forget. You get so caught up in booking, not to mention the other parts of party planning, that your own preferences tend to take center stage. You may have developed strong ideas of what belongs and doesn’t belong at your party.

It does not have to be this way. A good party is one that brings the guests together. Taking their tastes into account is a great way to encourage that.

You do not have to guess at what your guests want, either. You can ask them directly. You may be surprised at how willing they are to share their ideas and the spirit of collaboration the act of asking encourages.

3. Make Your Budget

Not all of entertainment planning is fun and games. There are some boundaries you have to set, and the amount you are able to spend is one of them.

Once you make your budget, you will find a freedom in knowing the hard-and-fast numbers beyond which you simply cannot go. You will know your price range, and that can do the narrowing down for you!

4. Do Your Research

Now you know what kind of entertainer you are looking for, what your guests like, and how much you can spend. You may have a shortlist of entertainers by this point. But turning that list into a single choice can feel arbitrary.

There are ways to make it purposeful. One is to see the entertainer live. Obviously, you don’t want to crash anyone else’s party, but if an entertainer is playing in public, seeing their show can be helpful in learning the vibe they create and how they create it.

Ask around as well. Other party planners and friends may have recommendations that overlap with your shortlist.

Once you have your pick, make sure to meet them in person, or at least talk on the phone. When all of your communication is written, you can get a false sense of the entertainer. This is a relationship, and you want to make sure you gel well.

5. Get Specific in Your Contract

Now that you know the entertainer you want to book, you can be specific in your requirements. In addition to the basic logistical details, make sure to include provisions about exactly how much money is involved and when it is due. Make sure you know what entertainers are coming — every member of a band — and what equipment they are bringing.

In addition to these brass tacks details, you can also include lists of “must-play” or “do-not-play” songs. DJs are especially accommodating of these requests.

6. Include the Entertainment in Your Setup Plan

On the day of your event, make sure you allot time in your setup that allows your entertainer to test their equipment and get everything straight. This may seem like an inconvenience, but it will save you a great deal of time and headache in technical difficulties during the party itself.

Event-Specific Ideas

We understand you may still need help thinking of appropriate entertainers for your event, especially when it comes to music options. To get your brain juices flowing, we have listed some possibilities below. Check them out.


We have no shortage of options for heritage-specific events like Oktoberfest. Hire a German band, and watch the dance floor fill with lederhosen.

Rustic, Outdoor Events

An outdoor event has a special feel to it. There is something magical about a party outside.

We recommend bluegrass bands for these types of events. Their versatility means they can play weddings, birthdays, and more. It is the setting that suits them above all.

Mardi Gras

You can add a touch of class to your Mardi Gras celebration with a Dixieland jazz band. You can still get up to hijinks, but you can do it in style.

Cinco de Mayo

Nothing says “Cinco de Mayo” more than mariachi music. That is why we have Latin bands available to serenade your guests with the sounds of Mexico.

Genre, Theme, and Nostalgia Parties

Perhaps you are not celebrating any occasion in particular. Maybe you just want an excuse to throw an 80s party, a yacht rock cookout, or another nostalgic bash. In these cases, our classic rock bands and tribute bands can play you from their deep catalogs of Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers, and other classic hits.

An Entertainer for Every Event

You are now armed with ideas to help you brainstorm. You have a step-by-step guide to the booking process. Now, go forth and plan your event!

We hope this guide has helped you see that there is entertainment available for all special occasions. If you can plan the party, we can find someone to play it.

If you are ready to take the next step in party planning, request a quote for entertainment now.